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Our studio in Union City, NJ overlooks the Hudson River and Midtown Manhattan. We have a team of seven artisans working collaboratively every day to make our dinnerware. There are more than 16 steps that go into our 100% handmade products, from rolling and forming to glazing and firing each piece. We operate with several potters wheels and six kilns, producing orders that range from 12 to 500 place settings of custom dinnerware.


Come Visit Us:

We open our doors to the public on the first Friday of every month. Come meet the team and add to your dinnerware collection. We typically have one-of-a-kind pieces, seconds, and overstock from custom restaurant jobs.

The first Friday of every month.

11am - 6pm
600 Palisade Ave., #105
Union City, NJ, 07087

We’re just 20 minutes from Manhattan and can be easily reached via Path train, Uber or Bus. There is parking available at the studio. More info on how to get to our studio here.

Cash and cards accepted.

Photo by Nico Schinco

Photo by Nico Schinco

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Meet Jono

When I started this company in 2004, I had a simple mission: to provide unique dinnerware options for the hospitality industry.

I started small, with one wheel and one kiln, collaborating with chefs, taking risks, and learning from my mistakes. Since then, my team has spent more than a decade testing clay bodies and glazes in an effort to provide our customers with the most durable product possible—wares that can handle the abuse of high-volume kitchens and commercial dishwashers, and stand the test of time.

In our light-filled New Jersey studio, we form, fire, and ship much of our dinnerware to the world’s best restaurants. Our goal remains unchanged: to provide restaurateurs and serious home cooks with dinnerware that sets their restaurants and dining rooms apart from the rest.

One of our strengths is our ability to work directly with our customers, responding quickly to their needs in ways that larger manufacturers cannot. Shoot us an email to let us know about your upcoming project. Let’s collaborate.

What Chefs are Saying

“Using Jono’s plates over the years has been one of the ways that we have set our restaurants apart from the rest of what’s out there. They have a natural touch and a bit of character—acting as a beautiful blank canvas for whatever course we’re serving our guests. We’ve been able to create beautiful pieces together for our restaurants over the years because of Jono’s commitment to the partnership and creativity.”

DANIEL HUMM and WILL GUIDARA , Eleven Madison Park and Nomad Hotels, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas

“Diners want a show. That’s why we meticulously hollow out beets and stuff them with their own salt-roasted greens. And that’s why we went with Jono’s elegant, handcrafted dishes to set off the more elegant, carefully plated recipes. Diners don’t just want to have dinner anymore. They want to be dazzled.”

AMANDA COHEN, Chef and Owner, Dirt Candy, New York City

“It’s really amazing to work with Jono, a local craftsman who is creating sustainability only two miles from my restaurants. The shape of the line and the organic tones of his dinnerware match the ethos of our cuisine.”

JEAN-GEORGES VONGERICHTEN, Executive Chef, Jean-Georges Restaurants

“ When we wanted a partner to help us create a genuine and authentic experience in our dining room, we sought out the master Jono Pandolfi to advise us. Jono’s creativity and craftsmanship merged instantly with my personal approach to my favorite American cooking style: grilled meats and fish. For me, the grill is earth and fire, and Jono’s kiln is one and the same. It has been a wonderful collaboration from day one.”

MICHAEL LOMONACO, Chef and Owner, Porter House Bar and Grill, New York City

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The Team


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