Collection: Special Edition Archive

On this page, you can peruse a catalog of our past Special Editions to get a sense of what we typically offer when we release a new edition on the first Friday of each month.

If you see something you like, add your name to the waitlist — we don't typically re-release these pieces, but the more people we have on a list, the more likely it is to resurface.
  • Dark Brown / Multi-colored
    color-gradient-fry-bowl-set color-gradient-fry-bowl-set
    Dark Brown / Multi-colored
    $175 Regular price
  • Toasted / Tin Building
    the-seeds-weeds-serving-set the-seeds-weeds-serving-set
    Toasted / Tin Building
    $150 Regular price
  • Toasted / Yellow
    yellow-serving-set yellow-serving-set
    Toasted / Yellow
    $90 Regular price
  • Dark Bown / Blue
    pet-bowl pet-bowl
    Dark Bown / Blue
    $40 Regular price
  • Dark Brown / Orange Ombre
    mug mug
    Dark Brown / Orange Ombre
    $48 Regular price
  • Dark Brown / White
    keap-x-jpd-candle keap-x-jpd-candle
    Dark Brown / White
    $84.50 Regular price
  • Toasted / White
    fermentation-crock fermentation-crock
    Toasted / White
    $130 Regular price
  • Dark Brown / Red Banded
    2022-holiday-ornament 2022-holiday-ornament
    Dark Brown / Red Banded
    $45 Regular price
  • Dark Brown / Persimmon
    2021-ornament 2021-ornament
    Dark Brown / Persimmon
    $35 Regular price
  • Medium / 10
    gordon-hull-hand-painted-medium-platter gordon-hull-hand-painted-medium-platter
    Medium / 10
    $250 Regular price
  • Large / 4
    copy-of-gordon-hull-hand-painted-large-platter copy-of-gordon-hull-hand-painted-large-platter
    Large / 4
    $400 Regular price
  • Dark Brown / White
    pitcher pitcher
    Dark Brown / White
    $125 Regular price
  • Dark Brown / White
    special-edition-vase-for-greenwich-house-pottery special-edition-vase-for-greenwich-house-pottery
    Dark Brown / White
    $5 Regular price
  • Default Title
    the-2022-restaurant-guide the-2022-restaurant-guide
    $5 Regular price

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