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  • How are your products made? What materials do you use?

    Jono Pandolfi products are made of ceramic stoneware, using clays sourced in the northeastern United States. Each piece is designed with a thick build, constructed by hand, and kiln-fired to temperatures over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure maximum strength and durability.

    Our glazes and mason stains are certified lead and cadmium free, and undergo routine testing in an independent laboratory to comply with California Prop 65 requirements. You can learn more about our process and products by visiting our Materials Page.

  • Is your dinnerware fragile? Does it require special care at home?

    We’ve worked with the world’s leading chefs to develop dinnerware that holds its own in bustling restaurant kitchens. Put them to use at your next dinner party, barbecue, picnic, or breakfast in bed — they're designed for daily use, and sturdy enough to last for years to come with the right care.

  • Can I use your products in the dishwasher and microwave?


  • Can I put your products in the oven?

    Our dinnerware can be placed in the oven for short periods of time at low temperatures (think: keeping a dish warm at or below 200 degrees Fahrenheit), but shouldn't be used for baking.

  • Will sharp utensils damage the glaze on my dinnerware?

    Occasionally, certain flatware will leave cutlery marks on our white glaze. Buffing the surface of the plate with a product like Bar Keepers Friend should get them right back to new.

  • Where can I purchase your products in person?

    At the moment, our products are not available to purchase in stores. If you want to experience the weight and texture of our dinnerware before investing in a full set, consider purchasing a single bread plate from our online store — or, even more fun, dine at one of the restaurants on our client list. You can also come visit our studio for our Open Studio days on the first Friday of every month.

    You can also contact our care team before placing your order. We understand that dinnerware is an investment, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have before committing to your purchase.

  • I’m interested in visiting your studio. Do you have open hours?

    Yes! The first Friday of each month we are open from 10 am - 5 pm for seconds shopping and studio tours.

  • Do you have any recommended partners?

    Looking to up your apron game? Look no farther than Tilit. Founded in 2012 by two hospitality veterans, they offer a wide array of workwear for home cooks and chefs alike.

  • The piece I want to buy is out of stock. When will it be back?

    We get this question a lot! The answer depends on a couple of things, mainly whether the item is part of our core collection or more of a one-off, and how busy we are with restaurant orders at the moment. Your best option is to sign up for restock notifications on the product page for the piece you’re interested in. You’ll be automatically alerted via email the moment it’s back in stock. That said, we also put together a Restock Explainer page that sheds some light on the timeline and likelihood of certain pieces coming back. We hope this will help our customers feel like they can make informed decisions about when to wait for a restock and when they’re better off going with another option.


  • Where do you ship?

    At present, we are able to ship retail orders to the United States and Canada (please see our section below for additional information on Canadian import duties).

    We also ship internationally to restaurants and hospitality businesses that meet our order minimums. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about placing a hospitality order for delivery overseas.

  • I love your ceramics, but I don’t live in the United States or Canada. Are you able to make an exception to your shipping policy?

    Unfortunately not. Shipping ceramics internationally is a tricky business, and in some cases the cost of shipping exceeds the monetary value of our products. That said, we hope to offer international shipping in the not-so-distant future! Subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when we start offering international shipping.

  • I live in Canada. Will I be charged for additional taxes and import duties on my order?

    Orders shipping to Canada are subject to taxes and import duties imposed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Customers are responsible for the payment of all taxes and duties assessed by the CBSA, and may be required to complete supplemental documentation before their orders are released from customs. We are unable to assist customers with tax, duty, or customs clearance issues unless we’ve made an error in preparing your order. Please contact the CBSA with questions related to tax and customs before placing your order.

  • I recently placed an order. When can I expect my items to arrive?

    Our products are handmade to order, so lead times can vary from a few days to a few weeks. At the moment, most orders are shipping within 5 - 10 business days. If you'd like an update on the status of your order, contact our customer care team.

  • I need my order fast. Can I pay extra for expedited shipping?

    Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate requests for expedited/overnight shipping. Contact our customer care team if you’re up against a deadline and we’ll do our best to find a solution.

  • Are you able to gift-wrap my order?

    We don’t offer formal gift packaging, but our standard packaging looks sharp, keeps your items safe and secure during shipping, and is 100% recyclable/biodegradable.

  • Can I include a gift note with my order?

    Absolutely! Add a note in the “Gift Message” section at checkout and we’ll include your gift message. Don't worry we'll be sure to make sure the price sticker isn't on the product either!

  • I recently placed multiple orders. Are you able to combine shipping?

    We’re able to combine shipping for most orders placed through our website. Contact our customer care team with your order numbers and we’ll do our best to ensure your items ship together.

  • The shipping address I provided is incorrect. Are you able to change the shipping address on my order after it’s been placed?

    Most of the time, yes! Contact our customer care team with your order number and we’ll update the address before your order ships. (Please note: your old shipping address may still appear in automated notifications.)

    If your order has already shipped, we’ll work with FedEx to redirect it to the correct address. You may be charged an additional fee to change the shipping address on an order that’s already shipped from our studio.

  • Do you offer pick-up at your studio?

    Yes! If you’re interested in picking up your order, please contact our customer care team. We’ll provide a code for use at checkout to waive the shipping fees associated with your order, and arrange a date and time for you to collect your order from our studio in Union City, NJ.


  • I received my order, but it isn’t quite what I had in mind. Am I eligible for a refund?

    We recognize that it can be tricky ordering online! When trying to decide if a glaze color or clay body is right for you, we recommend purchasing a smaller item like a Condiment Bowl or Cereal Bowl in the color of choice to see it in person first. Our pottery is often made or glazed to order and very tricky to ship, so we try to provide our customers with as much guidance as we can in advance of ordering to minimize returns. That said, if you're not satisfied with what you receive, we'll issue a refund less a 15% restocking fee. (Restocking fees will be waived for orders under $50.) 

    Please email us at care@jonopandolfi.com to start the return within 30 days of receiving your purchase and the Care Team will send instructions. Returns must be shipped within 7 days of contacting the Care Team.

    Unless you’re returning or exchanging an item that arrived defective or damaged, you will be responsible for shipping costs. Please note that it’s your responsibility to ensure that fragile items are returned to us intact. We’re unable to exchange items that are returned to us in anything less than like-new condition, so if the item is damaged in transit, you won’t receive a refund. Bring your return to a trusted shipper to pack the items if you're worried about your packaging skills.

    - Returns will be issued refunds only after they are received in acceptable condition.

    - Once a return is received, we'll issue you a refund for the full amount of your purchase, minus the cost of shipping.

    - For orders over $50 in value, we will charge a 15% restocking fee that will be deducted from your refund amount.

    Please note that all Pro Shop lots, special order items or items from our Seconds Sales are considered final sale and are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

  • What’s considered “normal” variation in a product, and what’s considered a defect?

    Because of the handmade nature of our products, you may notice subtle variations in the shape, weight, and glaze application of items in your order. We consider these features points of pride — they distinguish our ceramic dinnerware from products that are mass-manufactured in factory settings.

    Defects are another matter: any product with visible hairline cracking, scratching, warping, or inconsistencies in the color or quality of a product’s clay or glaze does not meet our quality standards, and we’re happy to replace it at no cost.*

    *Please view our FAQ regarding defective or damaged items for information about our return / refund policy.

    We encourage you to visit our Materials Page before ordering if you have questions about the handmade character of our products.

  • I think my order includes a defective or damaged item. Will you replace it?

    Occasionally, a defective item slips past our quality controls. If you receive a product that’s cracked, scratched, or damaged, contact our customer care team within 5 days of receiving your package, providing your order number and photos of the defective item. We’ll replace defective or damaged items at no cost.

  • My order is missing an item, or includes an item I did not order. Can you help?

    Sorry about that! Occasionally incomplete or incorrect orders slip past our fulfillment team. If you’ve received the wrong product, or an item is missing from your order, contact our customer care team within 5 days of receiving your package. We’ll do our best to ensure a speedy resolution to any issues with your order.

  • Why do you have a 15% restocking fee?

    There's a lot of work that goes into getting your dinnerware delivered safe and sound! We put in a lot of work and materials to bring that package back to our warehouse too. We issue a restocking fee to cover the costs of high quality packing materials and the time it takes our warehouse team to unpack and restock your order.

    For smaller orders under $50 in value that are easier for us to restock, we waive this fee.


  • How do I place a gift order?

    To place a gift order, enter the recipient’s name, shipping address, and phone number in the shipping information fields during checkout. You’ll also have the option to include a personal note in the gift message section. (Be sure to sign the gift message — otherwise the recipient will not know who sent them the gift!) We’ll include your gift message in the box, and leave out any information that reveals the price of the items included in the order.

  • Does Jono Pandolfi Designs have a personalized registry option?

    Yes! Check out our Gift Registry page for more information.


  • What’s the current lead time time for hospitality industry orders?

    Lead times vary depending on the size of the order. Small orders may be ready to ship within a week or two. We typically ask for a 4-6 week lead time for most large (200+ pieces) or heavily customized orders. After we receive a 50% deposit on the order, we can begin production. The delivery date will be predicted accordingly once we have an idea of the shapes and quantities involved. Get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.

  • I'd like to see samples before committing to an order. Can you help?

    Of course! Contact us at hospitality@jonopandolfi.com for more information about ordering samples for your hotel or restaurant.

  • Can I order online for my restaurant or do I need to go through a rep or distributor?

    You can always order online through our Pro Shop. There, you’ll find our most common shapes, which can be ordered in lots of 24 and above. We strongly recommend that you order a sample item from our retail shop to ensure that the size, style, and color are to your liking. If you’re satisfied with your sample, go ahead and order a lot (or a few lots) from the Pro Shop. Please be advised that all Pro Shop orders are final, we don’t accept exchanges or returns unless items are defective.  

    You’re also welcome to contact us at hospitality@jonopandolfi.com for a full hospitality catalog or if you have any questions regarding Pro Shop orders or custom orders.

  • Can you customize my order to include the logo of my hotel or restaurant?

    Sure! Send us the image you’d like to use and we'll let you know how it will translate to the surface of the glaze or clay body. Simple, graphic shapes always turn out best. Once the design is finalized, we'll order the stamp and create a sample for review before producing the full order.

  • Is there a minimum order requirement for hospitality orders?

    Our minimum order quantity for most items is (24) pieces, with slightly lower minimums for certain large serving pieces.

  • What if I want a shape that isn’t in your catalogue or on your website?

    At the moment, we are only able to offer the products listed for sale in our hospitality catalog. If you have your heart set on a unique product for your hotel or restaurant, please let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to find the perfect fit.

  • Do you offer custom glaze colors and treatments?

    Absolutely! As long as your order meets our size requirements, we'd be happy to produce any of our products in the custom glaze treatment of your choice. For a full listing of available glaze colors, banding treatments, and other customization options, request a copy of our hospitality catalog.

  • How are Hospitality and Pro Shop orders shipped?

    Smaller orders (usually under 72 pieces) can ship via FedEx. Otherwise they will be sent via LTL freight shipping on a palette. 

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