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We teamed up with Brad Leone, master of all things fermentation, on the design of these hand-thrown fermentation crocks and weights. Every crock is hand-thrown and hand-dipped in glaze, so each one is unique. The included weight fits snugly inside the crock, ensuring whatever you’re fermenting stays submerged in liquid. The weight also has a hand-thrown knob, so it’s easier to pick up and remove when you’re done. A nice bonus: The bottom of each crock is stamped with BRAD LEONE x JONO PANDOLFI — proof that you’re getting the real deal. Next-level sauerkraut, kimchi, condiments (or any other fermentation project) await!

8" in height, 7" in diameter and holds up to 112 oz or 14 cups--this piece is hand thrown on the wheel so sizing may vary slightly with each piece.

Fermentation Crocks will ship within 5 business days. Learn more about our materials here.




Inside the Studio

Our dinnerware is hand-made at a light-filled studio in Union City, New Jersey, by a team of 16 artisans. The studio is also where we quality check and pack up dozens of orders per day, which are then sent out to restaurants like Lilia, Jean-Georges, and Felix Trattoria and to serious home cooks all over the country.

Our Story

When Jono started the company in 2004, he had a simple mission: to design unique dinnerware options for the hospitality industry. He started small, with one wheel and one kiln, and collaborated with chefs, taking risks and learning from his mistakes. Then and now, his priority is to work directly with our clients, responding quickly and thoughtfully to their needs in ways that larger manufacturers can’t, resulting in dinnerware with a personal feel that sets our clients’ restaurants and dining rooms apart.

Our Process

Each piece that Jono has designed has its own unique production process, which can entail as many as 15 individual steps, and use methods such as slip casting, jiggering, and good old-fashioned wheel throwing. Our studio is equipped with 10 kilns and 6 wheels and we begin each day with the thrill of opening our Blaauw kiln to discover the finished pieces we loaded in the night before.


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