We’re hosting a major two-day sale of deeply discounted seconds and overruns from restaurant orders. Click below to make your reservation or visit our Tock.

This sale will be held on
Friday, May 3rd & Saturday, May 4th
from 10am to 5pm at our studio in Union City, New Jersey. In order to reduce lines and keep things moving, we’ll be taking reservations. Reservations cost $5, which is deducted from your total when you check out.


What’s a second?

A second is a ceramic piece with a small flaw or irregularity that causes it to just barely miss the quality standard for our full-price retail and restaurant orders. In other words: It’s still totally functional and in a lot of cases most people wouldn’t notice what’s off about it.

What’s different about the Warehouse Sale?

You’ll always find a variety of dinnerware and home accessories at our seconds sales, but this time we’re bringing a ton of additional inventory and should have nearly our entire retail assortment available. You’ll find lots of other fun stuff too—like one-off studio experiments, pieces from the archive, and custom restaurant commissions. If you spend $200 or more, you’ll get a free 2024 Restaurant Guide. On top of that, we’re offering bulk discounts for chefs (or anybody with a really big dining table…) who spends more than $500. Plus? A to-be-determined freebie with purchase for everyone. (Last month it was a yellow-glazed Cereal Bowl.)

What are the prices?

Throughout the shop, we’ll post prices on the walls and on tabletops. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 for a ramekin to $30 for a pasta bowl to $50 for a serving platter, but it varies with each sale.

Do I have to make a reservation?

We'll be taking walk-ins if there is space. Your best bet to walk-in is after noon on Friday and Saturday.

Do I need to bring anything?

A couple of sturdy tote bags are always appreciated.

What are your accepted payment methods?

We take cards. No cash, please.

Will you be giving tours?

Every hour.

Can my dog come?

That’s a yes.

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