Collection: Special Editions

During early 2020, we informally started to offer special-edition pieces while we had extra time to experiment in the studio. Now, we’ll be releasing a new special edition on the first Friday of every month. Many of these will be available in very limited runs, so subscribe to our mailing list (by scrolling to the box at the bottom right of this page) to be the first to know about what’s new.

  • Medium / 1
    gordon-hull-hand-painted-medium-platter gordon-hull-hand-painted-medium-platter
    Medium / 1
  • Large / 1
    copy-of-gordon-hull-hand-painted-large-platter copy-of-gordon-hull-hand-painted-large-platter
    Large / 1
  • Toasted / Tin Building
    the-seeds-weeds-serving-set the-seeds-weeds-serving-set
    Toasted / Tin Building
  • Dark Brown / Multi-colored
    apertivo-set apertivo-set
    Dark Brown / Multi-colored
  • Dark Brown / Orange Ombre
    medium-oval-platters medium-oval-platters
    Dark Brown / Orange Ombre
  • Dark Brown / Green Ombre
    medium-oval-platters medium-oval-platters
    Dark Brown / Green Ombre
  • Toasted / White
    fermentation-crock fermentation-crock
    Toasted / White
  • Toasted / Gray
    gray-serving-set gray-serving-set
    Toasted / Gray

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