This year, we started a new project: On the first Friday of each month, we release a "Special Edition." It's usually a limited run of a new glaze treatment or a custom set that we think will make our clients' dinnerware collections even better. Most of these releases sold out almost instantly. Since that means lots of people never got a chance to buy them, we decided that for our Gift Guide this year, we'd re-release some of our favorite Special Editions. Then, swept up in the holiday spirit, we came up with some new Special Editions, too!

So go ahead and snag the releases you missed and scoop up some extra-unique presents while you're at it. Once these pieces are gone, you might not see them again for a while. 

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Our Birch dinnerware uses the Toasted clay and white glazes described above, but this style is differentiated in the way the glaze is applied. On Birch, the glaze covers both the interior and exterior of each piece, and the only exposed raw clay is found along the rim, which is achieved by an artisan in our studio wiping the rim by hand. Little dark brown or black speckles may appear on the surface of the glaze where bits of iron come through. Served at: The Peninsula Hotel NYC, Store Marais Taiwan

Served at: The Peninsula Hotel NYC, Store Marais Taiwan

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This is our foundational clay and glaze combination, available in the largest assortment of shapes. With this pairing, we apply a slightly thinner coat of glaze than on our Toasted clay—enabling some of the darker clay beneath to be seen and giving the glaze an off-white tone.

We use a glaze pump on our cups and smaller pieces, which leaves a variegated pattern with more of the clay showing through on parts of the inside of the pieces. Overall, the naturalistic qualities of this clay and glaze combination make it an excellent option for someone who appreciates design that centers raw, essential materials.

Served at: The Nomad Hotel, Jean Georges, The Breslin, The Four Seasons Westlake Village

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