8" Square Sided Pasta Bowl

2019_09_11_Pandolfi_Birch_Collection_081 copy.jpg
2019_09_11_Pandolfi_Birch_Collection_081 copy.jpg

8" Square Sided Pasta Bowl


Originally designed for New York's Eleven Madison Park in 2011, our Square-Sided bowls work  at home, too. Try them with rustic dishes like braised short ribs at home. The trick: Use the vertical wall to help get every last bit of sauce onto your spoon. Birch's toast-colored clay is lighter than our traditional dark brown shade, so the glaze comes out a brighter shade of white, too. 
Things to love about Birch: 

  • This clay, sourced from the northeastern U.S., is lighter than our traditional dark brown shade, which means the white glaze comes out brighter, too. 

  • Speaking of the glaze, it's on both the interior and exterior of these pieces—something we’ve previously only done for restaurants.

  • Part of our Square-Sided collection, Birch stacks seamlessly. The name was actually inspired by the Birch tree-like pattern that emerges when these plates are neatly stored on kitchen shelves.

  • We form, finish and glaze each piece by hand. 

  • The clean, minimal design make Birch a versatile, everyday collection.

Dishwasher Safe
Made in the USA

8”W x 1.5”H

Birch pieces will ship in 3 weeks, sooner if it becomes available.

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